Test Your Skills And Chemistry With An Escape Game  

An escape game is a true test of wit, smarts, team work, and time management. It is important that you have a good balance of these traits for you to win the game, the lack of one is enough for your team to lose everything. This isn’t your ordinary real to life team game, and people enjoy it because aside from other sports where it tests your strength, escape games are like a real-life IQ test, that comes with different puzzles, and twists that further tests your mental abilities.  

Escape Game 

One thing that you will learn in this type of game will be how to work smart and work efficiently. In an escape game setting, you will be bombarded with multiple tasks, some leading to the same path, while some may lead to another, and sometimes it may not be worth it to stay on the same quest for too long because time will run out. This will teach you to pick your spots, you have to determine which tasks can be quickly, and you also have to determine which tasks to prioritize first.  

Entering this game, you have to be completely focused, and in sync with your fellow teammates, it is crucial that you work together as a single unit. Aside from that, it will help with your progress if you have a game plan in mind, it will eat a lot of your time if you are scrambling and trying to figuring things out as you go. Briefing before the game, and sharing information with each other on how the flow will go can help jump start your progression.  

Teamwork does make the dream work, and if you are thinking of going in the escape game as one man wrecking crew, then it will be best to change your mindset right away. This was meant to be a group game, where everyone can contribute and enjoy what they are doing. Be a team sport, make sure that every person has a task at hand, and that they aren’t just observing you do all the work.   

The journey is something you have to cherish when it comes to the escape game, because the reality is, you aren’t going to get anything out of it anyway. What you will get is what happens within the duration of the game, and with experience comes new knowledge, and with this, you become a wiser person overall. Remember all the hardships that you and your team faces, and recall what you did together to get over those multiple obstacles. This game is supposed to highlight your strengths which you should maintain or better yet improve.  

If you and your friends are bored doing the same thing every weekend, then try to this thrilling mind game that will get your group together. It is a brand new experience that you must witness yourselves, you will not regret a second of it, and it will probably trigger your competitive spirit, and you will want to go another round.